Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Consulting

Through our consulting work we can provide a review of your current processes, identify areas for development and help to create new policies and support for your employees.

3 Key Learning Elements

Who is this for?

Company level review of mental health and wellbeing policies, including overall wellbeing, travel and all challenges for employees.

Consulting rates will be quoted upon the assignment requirements

Keynote Conference and Event Speaking

Our instructors are available to deliver keynote and education sessions at your conference or event.

3 Key Learning Elements

Who is this for?

Companies who would like to bring to life their conference and address the human element of the workplace.

Please enquire for more information

24Hr Humans

The 24 Hour Humans session was designed and developed following Matt’s TEDx Talk. The concept is simple, we all have 24 hours every day to invest in things that make a difference in the lives of ourselves and others. But the big question is do we value our time as an important investment in ourselves. In a world where we are all too ‘busy’, 24 Hour Humans is a reminder that we need to take a moment to consider the wider impact of our time investments.

This session will encourage delegates to:

Please enquire for more information

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