We are very proud to work with partners across many areas of mental health. We work with partners who share the same goals and the mission to help others. If you would like to become a Simpila Partner please feel free to get in touch.

Happiful Training Partnership

Simpila is very proud of our partnership to deliver Happiful Training since 2018

Simpila is proud to partner with Happiful, an outstanding mental health company dedicated to helping people find the help they need.

Happiful was established over fifteen years ago by two sisters, and started with the creation of Counselling Directory, followed by Life Coach Directory, Hypnotherapy Directory, Nutritionist Resource and Therapy Directory.

In 2017, Happiful Magazine was created to provide supportive, actionable and inspiring information about mental health and wellbeing. Now, Happiful is delivered to over 100,000 people every month and can also be read for free on the Happiful App, which also lists peer support groups and has a searchable database of qualified and insured therapists across the UK.

Matthew has worked with the team at Happiful since 2016, and during the inception and roll-out of Happiful’s very first copies. In 2018, Simpila and Happiful created Happiful Training, focused on delivering open Mental Health First Aid training courses to individuals who would like to learn more about increasing awareness, education and support around mental health.

The partnership proudly continues today.

Find out more and download the Happiful App

Charity Partner 2022
Beyond - Youth Mental Health Charity

Beyond raises money to help organisations and schools that are underfunded or under-utilised and are committed to giving out grants which will truly make a difference to the mental health of young people up and down the UK. We share knowledge and best practice.

Beyond is powered by an impassioned youth board that is determined to instil new attitudes. They are the heart and soul of the charity – the idea-generators, campaign drivers and future changemakers.


R;pple Suicide Prevention

We are proud to be a supporting partner of R;pple Suicide Prevention. R;pple is an online monitoring tool designed to present a visual page on a user’s device the second they are flagged as searching for a harmful keyword or phrase highlighted within the R;pple monitoring tool configuration. Keywords and phrases include any words or terminology which have been identified as displaying potentially damaging online content.

Mindset / Mindset Sport

We are proud to partner with Mindset and Mindset Sport, a community business run by our partner Matthew Mason-Hames. The vision is that prevention is better then cure so they always work with that in mind. Through a mix of lived experience and qualified instructors, we will deliver a variety of preventative measures into your business to help keep your teams happy and healthy. We can offer a mix of training and consultancy services to suit your budget, from simple Mental health awareness courses, delivered online or in house, all the way through to working with the directors and HR to create company wide programs, whatever your budget.

Mindset Sport offer free support to amateur sports clubs looking to develop their players well-being and mental health.


Business Travel Wellbeing Community

Matt is a co-founder of the Business Travel Wellbeing Community. The Community was created help raise awareness, education and support around the human factor of traveling and our BTW Day webinar highlighted this. Travellers will remember this time and the actions of their companies so it is key to focus on wellbeing, which will give travellers the confidence and comfort to travel again.

MH2 podcast

Listen to MH2 Podcast

This podcast will be an open discussion with friends, colleagues and just amazing humans.

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