Investing in Neurodiversity in the workplace

Much like Mental Health and Menopause, Neurodiversity in the workplace is becoming a much wider conversation.  In 2023 we predict there will be a strong focus across many organisations on the connection of mental health and neurodiversity. There is currently a growing conversation of misdiagnosis of MH conditions, now recognising that the individuals’ challenges actual came about through underlying neurodiversity.  To help aid awareness of neurodiversity, today we are proud to announce the launch of our new Neurodiversity Training to add to the Simpila Mental Health Training Portfolio.  

This training workshop has been developed to provide delegates with confidence to understand what neurodiversity is, and how we can evolve our thinking and the organisation approach, to support those who might need additional help.

The Neurodiversity training has been created to cover the following areas:

  1. What is neurodiversity?
  • History – where did it all begin?
  • 2022 and beyond… the world is evolving
  • Times are changing
  1. Being socially aware
  • Stigma and discrimination
  • Language and terminology
  • Myth Busting
  1. Let’s talk about neurodiversity
  • More than just legal reasons?
  • Neurodivergent paradigm
  • Common neurodivergences – covering – Autism, ADHD/ADD, Tourette Syndrome, Dyslexia, OCD and others
  1. Workplace Factors
  • Legislation – Equality Act 2010
  • Reasonable adjustments
  • Case Studies – M&S
  1. Understanding YOU
  • Diagnosis? – NHS Pathways / Private
  • Impact
  • Mental Health
  1. Support
  • Creating an ND inclusive workplace – Taking positive steps to change
  • External support organisations

As part of the Social Commitment of Simpila Mental Health in 2023 we will be donating 10% of all course income directly to Neurodiversity Charities. Our First Charity commitment is to The National Autistic Society. Our very own Matt Holman is also running the London Marathon on 23rd April as a member of Team Autism, in support of his own daughter being diagnosed with high functioning Autism.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2023 – 13-19th March 2023

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a week-long event to celebrate neurodiversity. It is a great opportunity for people to learn more about neurodiversity and celebrate it too. It’s also a great event to help neurodiverse people feel accepted and to celebrate their neurodiversity. 

The aim of Neurodiversity Celebration Week is to encourage worldwide acceptance, equality, and inclusion in the workplace and school. Stereotypes and misconceptions are also challenged during this week-long celebration to educate people about what neurodiversity is.

If this training is something that you would like to bring to life through your client’s organisations, please feel free to get in contact at or visit our training page to find out more

We wish you and your colleagues a wonderful 2023, with health, happiness, and continued success.

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