Menopause awareness in the workplace

Are we really pausing for thought for the sake of retaining talent?

If you think you or someone you love might be experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms, we are here to support you. Stop, and pause for thought, don’t freak out! You are NOT ALONE!!

Despite the menopause being something every woman goes through, every single woman’s relationship with menopause is different. Perhaps with all the technological innovations, several medical revolutions and the world now drowning in data you would think we’d be on top of the hot topic of the menopause by now! 

Speaking of data, let’s turn our attention to the numbers in the UK, and the data that appears to point to the concerning fact that we still haven’t got to the bottom of what can feel like a tacky hormone-fuelled life experience.

CIPD research found that 6 in 10 working women aged 45-55 who were experiencing the menopause said that it had a negative impact on them at work, with a further report asserting that almost a million women in the UK have left their jobs completely because of the menopausal symptoms. 

This really ignites my curiosity to the question ‘are organisations doing enough’? and are professionals and line managers supporting colleagues going through a transition that in some cases is turning lives upside down both personally and professionally? 

It is in the work context that women are now having greater difficulty in managing symptoms, which is leading to them to feel embarrassed and feel trepidation to disclose how they are really feeling, they further report that there is an added pressure to manage symptoms, can feel embarrassed and unable to disclose their menopausal status, fearing they may be stigmatised for experiencing the menopause. 

A survey conducted by IPSOS Mori
 British Menopause Society earlier revealed that 1 in 2 women in Great Britain, aged 45-65 years, experience the menopause without consulting a medical professional.  Considerations towards the fact that we have a population of some 67 million at the time of the study and half are women (51%), highlight the work we have on our hands in the workplace. By sharing awareness and literacy in the workplace could be the platform that encourages women to go to the GP. This will enable women to understand more about this natural phase of life, to live a more fulfilling life and thrive at work. Instead, women are leaving the workplace owing to depression, anxiety, and low confidence which are factors continually knocking the door like unwelcomed house guests. 

Women are in the time of their life where they could also be caring for parents,’ children and working full-time, throw in symptoms of menopausal or peri menopausal hormones and you have a recipe for a potential emotional rollercoaster of intrinsic thoughts of ‘I’m going mad’. 

Employers are being encouraged to now offer awareness to involve everyone to understand menopause at work. It gives organisations the opportunity to think about support structures for their staff that in turn allows them to continue to engage, feel connected and productive team members.

Why this matters to Simpila Mental Health – Our mission is to better champion wellbeing of working women – we believe work is a force for good. Both women and men can benefit in the organisations that they work for, from knowledge and understanding and communities alike.  The starting block is valuing people for who they are and enabling an environment that is menopause aware to create a happy and healthy working life. 

This is why we have created a new training session ‘Menopause Awareness’( helping employers be bettered prepared and understanding for all employees affected by the menopause.

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